AIO Languages at Web Summit Conference

AIO Languages is the featured startup at the largest technology conference in Europe – Web Summit. About Web Summit: Forbes has said “the best technology conference on the planet”; The Atlantic that Web Summit is “where the future goes to be born”; The New York Times “a grand conclave of the tech industry’s high priests.”

Alexa Skill – Animal Game – now in 4 More Languages

Animal Game skill for Alexa is now available internationally. You can play Animal Game in: British: Animal Sounds Game for Amazon Alexa UK. Australian: Animal Sounds Game for Amazon Alexa Australia. Canadian: Animal Game – Play and Learn. Indian English: Animal Game for Kids – Play and Learn.

Animal Game – Number 1 in Kids Education

Animal Game is one of the most popular Amazon Echo game for kids! Just jumped to Number One in Kids Education on Amazon website. And number 4 in the overall Kids category for a few weeks now. This is one of the funny things you can ask Alexa. Animal Game is available at Amazon: click …