Learning a new language can be tough – no matter how old or smart you are. What if there were an easier way to master one of the most important aspects of any language worldwide – NUMBERS? That’s why we started AIO Languages, the easy way to level-up your bilingual counting skills!

Use your Amazon Alexa to study Spanish with the AIO Languages Spanish Numbers Language Course, whether you’re traveling overseas or need to help your child learn in a fun, simple way. AIO Languages proves that language learning can be easy and fast!

Our secret lies in practice over theory. The fastest way to learn any new language is to speak it, not read about it in a dusty old textbook. With our Spanish Numbers Language Course, you can learn up to 1000 numbers in Spanish through consistent daily practice!

If you have an Amazon Alexa device or the app on your smartphone, you’re ready to start learning and counting in Spanish like a pro. Simply say: “Alexa, start Spanish numbers,” and she’ll start the course for you to enjoy.

New Updated Version
Not ten but now there are 1000 Spanish numbers. Expect more soon. Just show this new free Skill some love. Leave a 5-star review to give us the motivation to work more on this Skill.

Have fun!

To enable Spanish Numbers click here (US Version).

British Version: Spanish Numbers for Amazon Alexa UK.
Australian Version: Spanish Numbers for Amazon Alexa Australia.
Canadian Version: Spanish Numbers for Amazon Alexa Canada.
Indian Version: Spanish Numbers for Amazon India.