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AIO means Analog Input Output (like human voice). AIO also means “I speak” in Latin. It’s all about communication, conversation, speaking in different languages.

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With advanced voice recognition and speech synthesizers virtual assistants with voice-first technology are changing the world.

We are creating language courses from the ground up for use with voice-first devices like Amazon Echo with Alexa.

Use your Amazon Alexa to study Spanish with the AIO language courses, whether you’re traveling overseas or need to help your child learn in a fun, simple way. AIO Languages proves that language learning can be easy and fast!

Our secret lies in practice over theory. The fastest way to learn any new language is to speak it, not to read about it in a dusty old textbook. With AIO Language Courses, you can learn Spanish and other languages through consistent daily practice!

If you have an Amazon Alexa device or the app on your smartphone, you’re ready to start learning to speak in Spanish and in many other languages.

Our wide range of voice-first language learning apps is available to teach you five popular languages. Explore our range of easy Language Courses in:

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