Animal Sounds for Amazon Alexa

Probably the best animal sounds game on Amazon Alexa! Play alone, or with friends and family.

Animal sounds game was created to help children of all ages learn animal sounds while having fun at the same time.

Let’s Take This Animal Sounds Quiz.

Skill includes most loved animals like dog, cat, sheep, elephant, lion, owl, wolf and even fox. Older girls, boys, and even small toddlers will have a great time! Learn the noises, of pets, farm, and wild animals and birds.

Only real sounds effects, voices, calls and cries of animals.

The new updated version of the free Animal Game. Now you can ask Alexa for a hint! Anytime during the animal game, you can say: “give me a hint”, or “I don’t know” and Alexa will help you.

Play and Learn.

The game is quick. Just five sounds to guess.

Do you know animals sounds? Do you know what does the fox say? Take this fun challenge now!

Animal Sounds Game for Amazon Alexa US

British Version: Animal Sounds Game for Amazon Alexa UK.
Australian Version: Animal Sounds Game for Amazon Alexa Australia. Canadian Version: Animal Game – Play and Learn.
Indian Version: Animal Game for Kids – Play and Learn.