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Take our interactive audio language course through Amazon’s Alexa, where you can interact and engage with the Spanish language like never before.

Designed to allow users to take advantage of auditory learning, our course helps to make learning Spanish easier, more convenient, and more engaging and enjoyable. With a number of skill tests, quizzes, and tutorials on how to pronounce some of the most popular Spanish words, you’ll be well on your way to becoming bilingual in no time.

Easy quiz format to learn Spanish words. Pick right one and you will get a point! Including the most popular Spanish words to start your journey with Spanish learning.

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To Start Learning Spanish, Enable this Skill and say Start Spanish.

Spanish on Amazon Alexa – US Version

British Version: Spanish for Amazon Alexa UK.
Australian Version: Spanish for Amazon Alexa Australia.
Canadian Version: Spanish for Amazon Alexa Canada .
Indian Version: Spanish for Amazon India.

If you like Spanish skill check Top 1000 Spanish Words book. It includes definitions of 1000 most frequently used Spanish words.

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