Crazy Animals sounds game! Play alone, or with friends and family.

Only crazy, human-made sounds effects, voices, calls and cries of animals.

Play and Laugh.

Take this Crazy Animal sounds quiz. Experience fun.

Play for an incredible time!

Embark on a journey of challenges, fun & learning with your cute little kids!

This cool Crazy Animal Sounds Game is one of the most engaging educational games for preschoolers. Know all animals at one place, differentiate silly animals’ sounds in a real-time and learn & enjoy at the same time!

The game is fast and dynamic! We have amazing five sounds to figure. Kids will listen the human-made voice effects that mimic the voices, calls, and animals’ noises.

Take this crazy animal sounds quiz, guess funny sounds and let your kids recognize all animals along with their sounds.

Introduce your kids with animals at an early age! This learning game will be best fun game to train them with best listening and observational skills.

Toddlers will learn ways to love animals & be kind to them!

What to expect:

🐆Diversity of animal sounds ranging from wild, pets, household animals & birds!

🐆High-quality gameplay!

🐆Real Animal sounds to improve memory & listening skills of your toddler

🐆We have chosen mainstream animals sounds & footprints from around the world.

🐆Crazy Animal Sounds is suitable to play for kids & preschoolers.

🐆Recognize animals & differentiate sounds in a fun and brisk way!

🐆Play interactive quiz & guess the right sound!

🐆High-Quality footprints of real animals.

Skill includes most loved animals like dog, cat, sheep, elephant, lion, owl, wolf, and even fox. Prepare for a great time! Learn the noises, of pets, farm and wild animals, and birds.

Kid’s games should be funny, exciting, and full of joy, wouldn’t you agree? Look no further because this game is always a favorite! Play and laugh with your child as they listen for the human-made sound effects that mimic the voices, calls, and cries of animals.

Keep your child laughing and having fun all day long as they learn the noises of different animals from household pets, to livestock, and even wild animals and birds. The game is quick, easy, and is a fun challenge for any child, from toddler age and up!

Have you introduced your little munchkins with crazy animal sounds?

Not yet!

Do you think, you can identify all animals’ sounds? Fox, lion, cat, dog, sheep – all forest and pet animals!

Time is here!! Pick out infinite fun challenges with your kids & play Crazy Animal Sounds Game NOW!

This game is filled with loads of fun-filled adventures, silly experiments and weirdness, particularly designed for children. It is a delightful game to play with your toddlers!

Teach and engage kids while showing crazy animal sounds. Keep your little kids chuckling and having a ton of fun throughout the day as they get familiar with the clamors of various creatures from pets, to domesticated animals, and even wild creatures and birds.

Children will have a decent time by learning various creatures and their sounds such as dog, cat, sheep, elephant, lion, owl, wolf and even fox, eagle, dolphin, and so on.

Squawk! Hoot! Woof!

Listen to crazy noises around you. Only crazy, human-made sounds effects, voices, calls and cries of animals. Play with your babies and kids!

This is a pleasure-seeking as well as an educational game for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners! Take challenging animal sounds quiz, guess funny noises, calls or cries of animals & enable your children to recognize animals & their sounds.

Crazy Animal Sounds Game enhances listening and observational skills. Hundreds of folly sounds, colorful animals and interesting gameplay cheer up child’s interest every day!

This game is extraordinarily convenient for moms and fathers who invest energy with their children yet can’t make sense of how to invest that time constructively.

So what are you sitting tight for? Grab this crazy animal sounds game& let your children learn in a fun challenging way!


Feature List:

  • Incredible animal sounds to guess!
  • Identify real animals with crazy sounds!
  • Manage learning & fun along the way!
  • Play quizzes & spend quality time with your kids!
  • Loads of furry pets, birds, insects & forest animals!

Skill includes most loved animals like dog, cat, sheep, elephant, lion, owl, wolf, and even fox. Prepare for a great time!

The game is quick. Just five sounds to guess.

Do you think you know all animal sounds? Do you know what the fox says? Take this fun challenge now!

Now with Brand New Visual Hints (for Amazon Echo Show).

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