We are AIO Languages. The startup, based in the U.S., working on voice-first language learning apps.

AIO means Analog Input Output (like human voice). AIO also means “I speak” in Latin.

We are creating language courses from the ground up for use with voice-first devices like Amazon Echo with Alexa.

Why language learning using voice?

It’s intimate, one-on-one conversation at your home or in your car.

AIO Language Learning Method

We are using Artificial Intelligence to improve your foreign language speaking skills.

Our learning method is like talking to someone. Someone who has endless patience and knows everything about what you know in language you study.

The fastest way to learn any new language is to speak it.

Through consistent daily practice, you can learn a new language in the car, at home, school, and workplace. Almost anywhere you go.

Get the AIO Language Course and start speaking a new language today.


Mark Jack – Software developer, database specialist, robotics engineer, biofeedback systems designer and developer, entrepreneur.

Martina Jacey – polyglot, author of books and language-learning courses.

Voice Revolution

Voice existed before print. It is the most natural way we communicate with each other.
You can speak three times faster than write.

We are at the beginning of the voice revolution.
We have:

  • Hardware and software. At the moment, there is six major voice platforms: Amazon Alexa (smart speakers and tablets), Apple Siri (smartphones, tablets, computers), Google (smart speakers Home and Android Phones), Microsoft Cortana  (computers, tablets), Samsung Bixby (smartphones and tablets), and IBM Watson.
  • Internet connections in the home and cellular data on the go to connect voice-enabled devices to the cloud AI.
  • Mass adoption: a billion voice-enabled devices sold. It’s estimated that by the end of this year almost half of U.S. households will own a smart speaker. Among those that already do, three-quarters of them use it daily. By 2020, more than half of all internet searches will be made with voice.

Adoption of voice is faster than smartphones, the internet, and television because it is the most natural of them all.

The human voice is the most natural expression of how we connect with each other. That’s why we have great adoption among children and seniors. Feels natural for seniors. They can turn on lights or set the temperature just by saying so without the help of others, just by themselves. Voice app gives kids and seniors attention! Voice app is very patient.

Voice app is great solution for language learning.

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